2024 Clubs & Community Awards

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Holman Barnes Group has been recognized as a finalist in two categories of the prestigious 2024 Clubs & Community Awards. This esteemed recognition acknowledges the group’s outstanding contributions to the community through its innovative initiatives.

Social Inclusion: HB Group Community BBQ- Rev Bill Crews Foundation for the Homeless

In January 2023, HB Group launched a new initiative in support of the Rev. Bill Crews Foundation, an organisation dedicated to addressing the root causes and consequences of homelessness, poverty, and disadvantage. This initiative involves hosting a monthly community barbecue at the foundation’s site, where we warmly serve over 200 guests.

HB Group not only covers all the expenses involved on the day but also provides staff volunteers in the kitchen, handle the setup, and actively participate in the food service. The day is also enriched by live music, creating a festive atmosphere where the guests joyfully sing along as they enjoy their delicious barbecued treats.

The Community BBQ takes place every month on a Wednesday between 10am to 2pm.

This heartfelt initiative has witnessed steady growth throughout the year, and our commitment to this program remains steadfast. The primary goal is to bring smiles to the faces of those fighting their own battles. The satisfaction of achieving this objective is immensely rewarding to us.

Our Club Wests Ashfield has maintained a longstanding association with the Rev. Bill Crews Foundation. Beyond the 500 hours of volunteer work our staff has dedicates each year , HB Group Chairman, Tony Andreacchio proposed an innovative idea to the Community Engagement Committee. This idea involved hosting a regular community barbecue at the foundation, providing an inclusive space for the entire community to come together and foster connections. Such gatherings offer various groups the opportunity to participate in social activities, a crucial element for individual well-being. The board wholeheartedly supported this initiative, expressing eagerness to be actively involved. Subsequently, our community engagement team reached out to the Rev. Bill Crews Foundation, and their enthusiasm for collaboration was met with mutual excitement. Although our club currently contributes to the foundation through the ClubGRANTS program, it’s important to note that the community barbecue initiative is separate effort organised by HB Group.

Social Inclusion- This program emphasises on every individual feel valued, respected and connected with their community.  It involves creating an environment where everyone has the opportunity to participate in social, economic, and cultural activities on an equal basis. When individuals feel included, they are more likely to contribute positively to society, leading to a sense of belonging and shared identity.

Community Network- These groups have the opportunity to build relationships and interact with those facing similar problem, thereby helping each other and establishing social bonds that contribute to the overall well-being of the community.

Emotional Wellbeing- We use a simple metric to measure the success and impact of this event, ‘The Smile Tracker’. Their shared moments of singing over a meal and contributing to the creation of a positive and uplifting environment, shows us the impact that this event has made in the community.

Education: University Scholarship Program

Holman Barnes Group University Scholarship was established to support local high school graduates by providing a life-changing opportunity to a student who experienced challenge or diversity during their high school education whilst delivering  notable and consistent academic performance. This program strives to support the recipient with pursuing their university education by covering full tuition fees, exam expenses, books, and more for the entire duration of their chosen degree. Furthermore, the scholarship includes paid work opportunities across the Holman Barnes Group’s three venues- (Wests Ashfield, Croydon Sports & Markets Club), related to their field of interest, where practicable, contributing to their holistic development.


Wellbeing of Individual and Family: Support those individuals who struggle with financial and/or personal challenges  which may act as a potential barrier to them pursuing their desired university degree. This support aims to lessen the burden on both the student and their family.

Accessibility to University Education: Through this scholarship we seek to support the community by making university opportunities accessible to disadvantaged students who have the potential to be anything they set their mind to, but may be limited by their personal circumstances.

Providing hands on work experience- The programs offer the scholarship recipients the opportunity to work in a professional setting, straight out of high school with the potential to complement their area of study giving them a head start and the competitive advantage over their peers.

Leadership Development–  We strongly believe in creating future leaders. Students will be mentored by Senior Managers, where they have the opportunity to develop both hard and soft skills. Through this scholarship we want to shine a light on  career opportunities within and beyond the Club Industry.  We aim to expose the depth and breadth of industries that rely so heavily on Clubs to future generations while breaking down barriers and perceptions.

As this is the inaugural year, we would be delighted to see this program grow and adopted by other Clubs to maximise its impact on the Community; together we can make a huge difference. Through this program, we also want to enable young men and women, minority groups from all backgrounds achieve their dreams and empower them to become the future leaders.

Holman Barnes Group has always worked closely with the local schools through our various community programs. We believe that change starts with the leaders of tomorrow who can truly make an impact in the community.

Developing this University Scholarship Program enables us to provide a platform for those students who have barriers preventing them from reaching their full potential. We strongly believe in equal opportunity and through this program we hope that every student will have a fair shot despite their circumstances.

Through this program, we want to create a ripple effect in the community, where changing someone’s life, can not only help them but also their family thereby creating a positive impact in the community.