APIA Leichhardt FC and Holman Barnes Group celebrate three decades of partnership and support for women in sports

APIA Leichhardt FC is a community-based football club in Sydney’s Inner West.

The club has a long and proud history, dating back to 1954. We had the opportunity to chat with the club’s General Manager to gain insight into their journey, partnership with Holman Barnes Group (HBG), and their vision for the future.

​​​​​​​APIA Leichhardt FC boasts an impressive record, with both their Men’s and Women’s teams vying for Premiership titles in their respective competitions. An unprecedented feat of aiming to secure both titles in the same year has never been accomplished before, and with just six games remaining, both teams currently hold the top positions.

A cornerstone of APIA’s success and growth has been its long-standing partnership with HBG. The club proudly displays the HBG logo on the front of their jerseys as their major sponsor, a collaboration that has lasted for an incredible 29 consecutive years. Expressing gratitude for the fruitful alliance, APIA Leichhardt General Manager Matteo Maiorana said, ​​​​​​​”Three decades for any club and sponsor to remain aligned is an incredible achievement and one we are very grateful and proud of.”

“HBG has provided invaluable assistance in upgrading the club’s facilities. These improvements include new changerooms, transitioning the field from grass to synthetic, and upgrading lights to create a gym facility. Additionally, HBG allows us to use their meeting rooms and function rooms at their premier Wests Ashfield venue for various administrative and celebratory events, such as jersey presentations, launch nights, and end-of-season gala evenings,” Mr. Maiorana continued.

One of the central focuses of APIA Leichhardt FC is to encourage and promote women in sports. The club takes immense pride in its girls and women’s program, which currently ranks first in the state.

“Over the past seven years, the program has experienced a remarkable transformation, progressing from the bottom tier of female football in NSW to becoming the leading female club in the state,” explained Mr. Maiorana.

Addressing community members contemplating joining the APIA family, Mr Maiorana said, “Simply put, there are few clubs in Australia who have as much history as APIA. We are nurturing some of the best up and coming talent in the country, and we cater for absolutely everyone. Regardless of age, sex, race, or ability.”

APIA Leichhardt FC’s major aim is to be part of the National Second Division, proving the club’s standing among the biggest names in Australian Football. The club also aims to reach 1000 community players in the next 12/24 months, expand their community programs, and continue enhancing infrastructure and administration to better support their players and community.

“We understand the importance of giving back to the community and for the second consecutive year we’ve provided a free five-week female program for any players wanting to experience what training at an elite club is like. Our community female program has gone from 20 to 70 in one season, and we would like to hit the magic 100 next season,” concluded Mr. Maiorana.

The success and vision of APIA Leichhardt FC exemplify the power of strong partnerships and unwavering dedication to encouraging women in sports. As they continue to make history in Australian Football, HBG welcomes the community’s support by attending games, becoming members, or joining the APIA family to embark on a rewarding football journey.