Fostering Child Safety: Holman Barnes Group Collaborates with CAPS for Safer Communities

Child safety is a paramount concern in any society, and organisations that dedicate themselves to preventing child abuse play a crucial role in ensuring the wellbeing of the youngest members of our communities. One such organisation that has been at the forefront of this mission for nearly five decades is the Child Abuse Prevention Service (CAPS), founded in 1973 as the oldest entity in Australia committed to the prevention of all forms of child maltreatment.

HBG has been funding CAPS since 2020 as part of the ClubGrants initiative. This year’s funding amounted to almost $14,000, which marks a significant step forward in CAPS’ efforts to educate and empower communities about child abuse prevention.
One of the standout initiatives resulting from the collaboration is the Safe Communities Safe Children program, designed to provide specialist training to early childhood educators in the Inner West area of Australia. Early learning centres are the first line of defence in promoting child safety, and by equipping educators with the tools and knowledge to address child sexual abuse, CAPS and HBG are ensuring that these young minds are nurtured in a secure environment.

The program doesn’t stop at educators; it extends its reach to parents and children. Information sessions are conducted for parents to educate them about protective behaviours and strategies to safeguard their children. Additionally, parent-children sessions are a cornerstone of the program, where engaging activities are utilised to teach personal safety skills, fostering a strong bond between parents and their children while building a foundation of safety awareness.

​​​​​​​With HBG’s support, CAPS has been able to provide the Safe Communities Safe Children program to seven early learning centres in the Inner West area so far, with the potential to expand this reach even further with the latest grant. Over 140 educators have received specialised training and more than 250 parents have benefited from informative sessions thanks to funding from HBG.

CAPS’ 50th birthday in 2023 marks not only a significant milestone but also a testament to their commitment to child safety. Looking forward, CAPS is dedicated to reaching even broader communities, including regional and remote areas, with their impactful programs.​​​​​​​

As CAPS continues to navigate the challenging terrain of child abuse prevention, the ongoing support from HBG promises a brighter future for children and families alike. Through collaboration, dedication, and an unyielding commitment to the cause, the CAPS-HBG partnership is actively working toward reducing incidents of child maltreatment and ensuring children feel safe, supported, and loved.